3 Dimensional Modelling and sample preparation

Another crucial process in packaging production is sample making. We can make any samples of packaging from fibre and some plastic materials as these are easy to handle and can be printed on digital machines. However for the other types, we offer 3 dimensional realistic view of the packaging, be it bottles, sleeves, folding cartons or wood stands. We use a variety of programs, so we can present to the final customer the project in a variety of file formats such as short videos or interactive .PDF files.

3-D modelling can be also an affective way to save money and time for making and delivery of real samples as they are 100% actual copies of the final packaging product that you will receive. We can send you some files of packaging we have produced and have also 3D models for so you can compare the actual quality of the 3D model against the real packaging product.

Thus we are proud that we are one of the few companies in Europe to offer 3-D modelling on all projects we produce.