• Structural Packaging And Graphic Design Of Packaging

    As the first step in the packaging production process, structural design can be also the most specialized. Do to customer requirements and technical possibilities, the structural design of a box or other type of packaging box can save material that will lower the end price and at the same type offer new ways of packing and marketing a product. Likewise, the graphic design of packaging is also as specialized as structural design because of the natural connection between these 2 pre press processes.

  • 3 Dimensional Modelling And Sample Preparation

    Another crucial process in packaging production is sample making. We can make any samples of packaging from fibre and some plastic materials as these are easy to handle and can be printed on digital machines. However for the other types, we offer 3 dimensional realistic view of the packaging, be it bottles, sleeves, folding cartons or wood stands. We use a variety of programs, so we can present to the final customer the project in a variety of file formats such as short videos or interactive .PDF files.

  • Storage And Warehousing Of Ready-Made Packaging

    We undestand customer demands better than any other packaging company on the market. Thus we can afford to stockpile packaging from orders on storage and deliver to the customer as needed, when needed. In this way the customer saves space, as well as some cost for running short runs of some packaging, thus pushing down the prices for the packaging as much as possible. We can stock pile up to 1 year of consumption for certain customers, that we regularly serve on contract and cannot afford to disappoint, however for most other customers, we require some type of trade contract or prepayment to keep their stock packaging.