About the types of packaging and customers

As we have specific solutions for these categories of businesses, we can deliver on any enquiries from customers within our 5 main areas of competence - Paper(including cardboard and corrugated), Plastic(incl. synthetics and films), Metal, Glass and Wood Packaging in short, medium and long production runs.

Therefore, we offer the full range and all types of packaging for the companies in the following sectors:

- Food and Diary Producers

- Pharmaceutical Companies

- Wine and Alcohol Distillers

- Parts and Appliance Companies

- Contract Packagers and their sub-contractors

- Importing and trading Companies

- Ice cream and Coffee Producers

- Confectionery and pastry shops

- Furniture and Window Producers

- Catering and restaurant chains

- Manufacturers of Agricultural Produce

- Producers of medical supplies

- Retailer Chains and Supermarkets

- Food stuff processing Companies

- Weapons and hardware manufacturers

- Textile and garments industry

Thus, as a key advantage of the company we consider our flexibility and market knowledge of the areas we operate in. On one side we are manufacturing company that can understand the problems of other such companies; producing all types of packaging for the markets in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. On the other hand, we are very export oriented with products we have competitive advantages with, due to labour costs, transport costs or customer relationships. Additionally, we represent companies from Asia on the European market with specific products that we are not competitive ourselves, but we still like to cover, thus having a comprehensive offer.

What's more, staying away from the traditional manufacturing-based perspective, lately we try to approach sales from a project-based perspective where we can offer not just a product, but rather a solution instead so we can save money to our customers. This way we offer all types of packaging materials and sizes so we adjust our processes to customer demands, not the other way around.

  • For additional information and questions write us -> [email protected]

    We can offer MS Power Point presentations, product catalogues and videos after a short personal meeting with a sales person from the company.

  • We have dedicated sales people and professionals for the following markets:

    • Food and Agricultural Packaging Market
      10 sales and technical people
    • Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Producers
      9 sales and technical people
    • Drinks, Spirits and Coffee Companies
      8 sales and technical people
    • Courier, Postal and Transport Packaging Area
      7 sales and technical people
    • POS Stands, Displays and Retail Promotion Materials
      6 sales and technical people
    • Paper, plastic and textile Bags for Retail Market
      5 sales and technical people
    • Wide Format Print, Binders and Promotional Items
      4 sales and technical people
    • Paper and Plastic Labels for all sectors
      3 people in total
    • Paper Cups and Glass Packaging
      2 people

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